Reclaim a Generation - New Edition (Vol 2)

Cheryl Sacks

It's time to reclaim a generation! Our young people are in distress! Schools and universities often feel like battlegrounds for the hearts and souls of kids. Many are concerned--especially parents and grandparents--for the future of the next generation. What can you do? Pray! Reclaim a Generation is a 21-day prayer guide, loaded with relevant information about the issues schools and kids face today. It includes targeted prayer points and Scriptures to pray through each day. While it can be used any time throughout the year, it is especially effective to use when kids are going back to school after summer break. Pray for a school that's on your heart--maybe the school you attended, your child's or grandchild's school, or one in your neighborhood. Better yet . . . get your entire church or prayer group to pray through this guide with you! Reclaim a Generation also includes tips for churches on how to bless schools and kids with prayer in unique ways while they are praying through this guide as a congregation.

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