Paint Your State - Nationwide Prayer Initiative

Jul 16, 2023

BridgeBuilders Prayer Alert:
A Nationwide Call to Prayer  
Dear Friend,A few days ago, our friend and international Christian leader, Dutch Sheets, issued a national prayer assignment for the Body of Christ. It involves the formation of a prayer covering for America and the release of a flood of revival and spiritual awakening across our land.

He and many other prophetic leaders expect an imminent “shaking” in our nation (Hebrews 12:25-29). Cheryl and I have heard this same thing from the Spirit of God for several years. Psalm 29:8 tells us, “The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness.” We are about to see the “voice of the Lord” again shake our land and command our attention.

If you subscribe to Dutch's “GiveHim15,” a weekday blog, that calls the Body of Christ to pray for America, you may have read his posts on June 14 -19, in which he shared this urgent call to prayer.

Highlights of the Call to Prayer:

"We have allowed every facet of ungodliness to enter our homes, cities, and states. It is time to re-establish 'watchmen' who will keep a lookout for danger (guard the gates) and hear from and obey the Holy Spirit."

Arizona’s Call to Prayer  

Thankfully, Arizona prayer networks have been sending teams to pray around the state’s perimeter and at strategic locations for many years.

For example, as far back as 9/11, the Lord told Cheryl and me that our BridgeBuilders team was to connect the state in prayer as “watchmen on the wall” who could be mobilized at a moment’s notice. That week we sent teams to connect with pastors and intercessors and to pray for protection and revival all across the state.  

Along with many partnering prayer ministries, we have not stopped covering the state in prayer. We recently sent teams to Tucson, Sierra Vista, Safford, Douglas, and across the border in Agua Prieta, Mexico. We invite others to do the same, or to become a part of one of our prayer journeys.

How You Can Be Part of an Arizona Prayer Team

We are receiving many inquiries from our BridgeBuilders’ friends and partners, asking how you can be a part of Arizona’s assignment in this national initiative. We’re so glad you asked! We want to answer your questions:

Look for an “AZ10K Prayer Alert” tomorrow which will give you more details about this nationwide call to prayer and how you can be a part.

Let's Pray:

  1. Heavenly Father, thank You for calling Your people into deeper intercession for our nation. Thank You for connecting pastors, leaders, and prayer warriors to form a “prayer grid” over all 50 states. Give us united hearts and clarity in our prayers.
  2. Lord, strengthen Arizona’s prayer grid for a Great Awakening. Give us divine connections to share your Good News across our state. Give us the tenacity to contend for those lost without Christ Jesus. Transform hearts so that our cities and nation will become a well-watered garden.
  3. Even now, Lord, we ask that You call a multitude of Your people to pray for “the harvest” in a way they have never prayed before. We ask for an overwhelming outpouring of Your Holy Spirit to capture those who do not yet know Christ. Raise Your Church again in the power of Your Holy Spirit and awaken Your people across our land.
  4. Merciful Father, turn America back to You!  We ask that this nation will return to the purposes for which she was founded. We call out to You with the expectation that Your Church will shine brightly as a “light on a hill.” We pray this in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN!


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