ACPE Word of the Lord

May 1, 2024

Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders - Word of the Lord

Do not think that the people who are protesting and calling for a Palestinian State are just protesting on behalf of Palestine. Whether they understand or not, an insurrection is forming like the Communist takeover in Russia for the downfall of the Tzars. Only this time, they are aiming for the nations of Canada, the United States, and other nations.  Among the other nations, Europe is mainly their target.This [insurrection] is a planned takeover, not only ideologically, but nationally. It has infiltrated our militaries and is gaining strength. At the moment, they are quietly planning. There are proxies on the streets in protest. This is not only about bringing a Palestinian state to the Middle East but an Islamic State to North America and other nations. They are subversive and even use misguided students. However, the movement at large is on a much bigger and more pervasive scale.

This Palestinian State is also part of a larger alliance [influenced by the "Prince of Persia"] ––– Iran as the head, with a Caliphate of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Hezbollah will be part of this axis of evil, and eventually join with Afghanistan. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and other Middle Eastern nations cannot be neutral because you will one day be in the crosshairs of a Middle Eastern takeover, and your independence will be threatened. Africa: choose the right side. DO NOT SIDE AGAINST ISRAEL IN THIS BATTLE!

Russia is watching like a devourer to swoop down on Europe through Ukraine. China is being restrained through prayer against gobbling up Taiwan, Korea, and Asia. Even if these alliances work as an axis of evil, Islam will eventually break these alliances and take over. The insurrectionists are set in Paris, London, and other European cities, as well as in Australia, and Latin America.

However, the Hand of God is waiting to cover those nations who are on their face in repentance and holiness.

Judgment has begun at the House of God and will increase, and there may appear to be a severity in the cleansing of the Church. There will be no wiggle room for those who think that no one sees. This judgment is to clean the house in order to give the Church the authority in prayer to avert what is coming.

For the covers are coming off of hidden sin. Those in the prayer movement will experience this first because some of them stood in My face, says the Lord, and brought uncleanness and mixture before My throne. This will not be tolerated. It is time to confess, before you are exposed and cry out to Me to help as you navigate through the consequences.

For those who truly love Me more than hiding your sin, I will help you, even though it will be difficult. You can choose to go the hard way or the way of holiness and repentance. For I am jealous for My revival and the raising up of reformers for your nations. The hearts of many of those who are in this new move of God must not be crushed and darkened by the sin of the Church.

I am the refiner's fire, says the Lord. I am holiness personified. Cry out [to Me] to be holy and washed clean.

Holiness belongs to me, says the Lord. I will not tolerate mixture. Even though it seems like I haven’t seen the sin of some in the Church, I know all things, and I am going to reveal a side of Me that many have not seen in their lifetime.

If the Church repents, I will relent. I will protect your nations. If the Church repents, I will deal with the coming world consequences and give wisdom to the leaders of your nations. For foolish governance is a consequence of sin. If the people elect those [into office] who snub their noses at biblical principles, their leaders will be like blind people and cause grave mistakes to be made.

Turn to Me, Church, says the Lord, for I desire mercy and not judgment. Turn to Me with fasting and prayer, and turn from your wicked ways. I am waiting, says the Lord, to hear your cries and heal your land.


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