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BridgeBuilders has raised the faith of our whole Christian community, that when we pray something will happen!"

Brian Goodall
Prayer Domain Leader

4 Tucson
Tucson, AZ

We're mobilizing God's people!

What We Do

Since 1981, the BridgeBuilders’ team has conducted more than 2,000 training events and empowered more than 5 million Christians to pray for transformation. The ministry is seeing astounding answers to prayer as they’ve mobilized intense targeted prayer for pastors, law enforcement, legislators, and issues such as sex, drug and weapons trafficking on the border and in schools. 

We invite you to take part in our exciting “transformational prayer” training opportunities and sign up for our free prayer alerts and specialized resources. 

  • Conferences and Seminars – BridgeBuilders is well known for its powerful statewide and regional conferences such as PrayerQuake, Start the Year Off Right, Awake, and Watchmen on the Wall.  The hunger of God’s people coupled with extraordinary God-honoring worship and preaching on holiness, repentance, prayer, and transforming revival – together are releasing an increasing tangible outpouring of God’s presence in these gatherings, which draw as many as 3,000 people.
  • Watchmen Training and Mobilization – high-level training, equipping and mobilizing for those who stand as God’s Watchmen in Arizona, whether as leaders in their sphere of influence in the church, business, government, family or in any front line position as intercessor. To invite BridgeBuilders to your church or community… 
  • Mexico/US Border Prayer Watch – a multi-national network to raise awareness and focus transformational prayer for the ending of the violence and crime on our southwestern border, including extended prayer journeys, meetings with US and Mexican officials and church prayer gatherings.  Today thousands of Christians are calling upon God for the safety and success of law enforcement officers in Arizona and inviting God’s presence back to the US and Mexico border.
  • AZ10K Breaking News and Critical Prayer Alerts – raising up 10,000 Christians statewide to pray for Spiritual Awakening and the strategic needs of Arizona, the Southwest border, and the Nation.  Well-researched, weekly prayer e-alerts are sent out and many impossible situations have turned around as thousands of intercessors invite God’s presence to every area of society.
  • Arizona School Transformation Partnerships – this initiative connects public schools with area churches that have been trained to pray for and serve in their local schools.  Immediate, dramatic and sustaining results in the lives of students and faculty have followed each of the 26-hour prayer watches held on-site at schools that targeted the school’s specific prayer requests. 
  • Ministry to Christian Leaders –Hal and Cheryl are consultants to business executives, church leaders and government officials. They are often called upon to help leaders develop and implement strategies for Kingdom success. In addition they are actively engaged in mentoring emerging young leaders.  For a list of services BridgeBuilders provides click here