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Hal and Cheryl Sacks are the new pioneers. Working as Watchmen at the Arizona border, they’ve been active on the front lines of real transformation. Invading high schools with worship and prayer, they and their young team were able to watch suicide and drug overdose drop from double digits to zero. The new pioneers are changing spiritual climate over homes, schools, government, businesses and cities. 

The lesson? God’s presence on location changes things!”

Dr. Lance Wallnau
International speaker and
corporate consultant

We're on the front lines
of real transformation!

Co-founders Hal and Cheryl Sacks mobilze the Church of Arizona at Start the Year Off Right 2014.

Who We Are

BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network (BBI) is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to changing the spiritual climate and transforming culture in Arizona and the nation.  The ministry is mobilizing tens of thousands of people in strategic prayer, to invite God’s transforming presence to every cultural sphere of influence (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Hal and Cheryl Sacks and the BridgeBuilders team are mobilizing, networking and training God’s people in “transformational prayer”.  For more than 33 years BridgeBuilders’ initiatives have brought positive change to families, churches, businesses, the Arizona school system, the state legislature, law enforcement, and anti-trafficking. God's answers to their prayers are astounding and have attracted national and international attention, as measureable and miraculous breakthroughs occur in drug cartel arrests, trafficking, and school performance.