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Let’s work together to bring real transformation
to Arizona, our Southwest border, and the nation.

NOTE:  This video is not intended for mass distribution, due to the nature of what is shared.  Please only share this with friends and fellow intercessors, for the safety and privacy of those concerned.  Thank you.

With Your Help…

With the help of our partners, BridgeBuilders is seeing astounding results as we mobilize intense, targeted prayer for AZ schools, law enforcement, legislators, and issues such as sex, drugs and weapons trafficking on the border.

God's dramatic answers to our prayers have attracted national and international attention, as measureable breakthroughs occur.

Our nation faces immense problems; many would say these challenges are insurmountable. But God sees it differently. When we invite His transforming presence into situations, miraculous changes take place!

Invest in Arizona’s Prayer Shield

By giving $30 or more as a monthly partner, you make it possible for us to saturate Arizona with prayer and to pray on-site in our schools, at our Southwest border, our police departments, and our legislature.

As a border state, we’re called to be watchmen for the rest of the country — and your monthly support enables us to raise  up a prayer shield for Arizona and the nation.

Thank you for being part of the BridgeBuilders’ ministry family!

Thank you for investing in Arizona’s prayer shield
and in seeing revival and transformation come to our state and nation!

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